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For nearly two decades, Nate Omdal has been one of the city of Seattle's first call bassists.



Nate is proud to have contributed arrangements, recordings and scores to some of the cities best musicians and performers.



Nate is proud to have had the opportunity to represent and advocate for the Seattle musical community.

Ain't Misbehavin

Bassist and Bandleader.

Nate is proud to work alongside some of the finest musicians in the Seattle area. Nate has contributed music to groups ranging in size and complexity, and he has worked as music director or bandleader in many different professional situations. Nate is proud to represent groups ranging from jazz to hip-hop, large and small.


Nate has had the priveledge to have worked closely with Hollywood scoring veteran Ron Jones (Ducktales, Family Guy, Star Trek: TNG) and has developed a truly efficient and productive technique of managing a studio session. Nate has worked in a number of capacities within the recording process, from the technical to the artistic.